How to vote in the
2022 Toronto Municipal Election

🗳 October 24 is Election Day

Location: 68 Voting Places in Eglinton-Lawrence

To find the most convenient voting location on October 24th:

• Visit the City of Toronto 2022 Voting Places link below
• Select the “Eglinton-Lawrence (Ward 8)” dropdown

✉️ Mail-in Voting

Date: September 1 – 23

If for any reason it may be difficult for you to make it to the polls, mail-in voting is an option. Between September 1st and September 23rd, you may apply to have a ballot mailed to your address. As September 1st approaches, keep an eye on the City of Toronto website above for more information.

⏩ Advance Voting

Date: from October 7 – 14

To avoid potential lines, or if you are unavailable on October 24th, advance voting is available from October 7-14. Check back to the City of Toronto voter information portal for more information as the election approaches.