Let’s build a more liveable future for Toronto

Elect Evan Sambasivam for City Council Ward 8 Eglinton-Lawrence

What I'm running on

End Chronic Homelessness

Invest in supportive housing to help unhoused Torontonians break the cycle of poverty and save taxpayer dollars.

End the Affordability Crisis

Work with community stakeholders, homebuilders, and all levels of government to provide more housing and end the affordability crisis.

Fix Public Transit

Improve the reliability, availability, and safety of public transit options to reduce our carbon footprint.

Improve Community Safety

Implement proven measures to improve road safety and introduce community-oriented emergency response services.

Create an Economic Impact Office

Provide transparency on public spending to hold City Council accountable and improve economic efficiency.

Why I'm running

In the fall of 2020, I lost one of my oldest friends to complications of homelessness and mental illness. I want to do everything within my power to prevent more people from losing loved ones to preventable causes.

I’ve spoken to countless residents with the same story – City Council is not getting the job done. City services are falling short, and our constituency office is unresponsive. Ward 8 needs a councillor that responds to the needs of its constituents.

I want to serve our community and help our city realize its full potential. Eglinton-Lawrence needs a representative that is in touch with the issues we face today and has the tenacity and work ethic to get you results.

My background

I grew up in the Yonge and Lawrence area. I attended Glenview Senior Public School and Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute, graduating in the Extended French stream.

I graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied Economics and a Certificate in Business.

I have spent 7 years in the mental health space. I started as a youth advocate with Jack.org in 2015 after opening up about my struggle with depression. I led the chapter at Queen’s University and advocated for policy changes. From 2019-2022, I worked as a consultant at Capitalize for Kids, helping youth mental health providers reduce wait times, reduce staff burden, and improve their quality of care with the resources they had.

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